Watch for overheating baby

Watch for overheating baby

A parent’s first instinct may be to first check the baby’s hands or feet to gauge temperature, but this won’t provide the most accurate gauge of your infant’s comfort level. Instead, try placing your hands on their head or stomach to see if they feel warm.

Also, be on the lookout for sweating, flushed cheeks, rashes, damp hair, and rapid breathing, which are all signs that an infant is too hot.

Another sign is if they seem extra fussy despite the fact they’ve eaten, and there are no required diaper changes. They may just feel uncomfortably hot and need your help cooling off.

There are a few types of thermometers that can be used to take a child’s temperature at home:

  • Digital thermometers for armpit, oral or rectal readings.
  • Tympanic or ear thermometers use infrared rays to read the core body      temperature.
  • Forehead thermometers uses an infrared scanner to take the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead.
  • Temperature strips contain heat-sensitive crystals that react by changing colour.
  • Bluetooth thermometers are adhesive patches that stick under bub’s armpit and connect to an app that tracks their temperature.


Accuracy: There’s debate about the most accurate type of baby thermometer. A great from the mums we asked is to take your thermometer to your next doctor’s appointment and test it against your doctor’s thermometer.

Display: Some baby thermometers simply display the temperature, others light up red or sound an alarm to indicate a fever, which is very handy in the middle of the night.


10 of the most accurate thermometers for MOB!

1.   Oricom HFS 1000

2.   Medescan 2 in 1

3.   Welcare ear thermometer

4.   Cherub baby

5.   Oricom FS 300

6.   Medescan underarm thermometer

7.   Beaba infrared

8.   Mobi 2 in 1 digital

9.   Omron MC720 touchless

10. Ritalia infrared thermometer

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