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Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad

Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad

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End postpartum pain and discomfort in an instant with the Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad. This amazing pad provides instant soothing cold relief for up to 30 minutes without needing to be refrigerated or frozen. Simply activate and apply to experience instant soothing comfort.

The Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Postpartum Pad features:

  • Instant cooling relief from postpartum perineum pain and vaginal/labial surgery discomfort
  • Quickly soothes painful, inflamed haemorrhoids or pain from haemorrhoid surgery
  • Absorbs up to 280 ml of fluid for protection and peace of mind
  • Convenient hospital bag and bathroom storage - no refrigerator or freezer required

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    • Tips from a Midwife

      Lucy's Tip

      Applying the cooling pad to your perineum assists with inflammation and healing.

    • Rachel Midwife Tip

      Rachel's Tip

      Your blood loss (lochia) volume reduced as your uterus returns to normal size in the weeks following the baby's birth.

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