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Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad

Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad

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  • 1 Box = 1 Day of Frequent Use (5 Pads)

End postpartum pain and discomfort in an instant with the Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad. This amazing pad provides instant soothing cold relief for up to 30 minutes without needing to be refrigerated or frozen. Simply activate and apply to experience instant soothing comfort.

The Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Postpartum Pad features:

  • Instant cooling relief from postpartum perineum pain and vaginal/labial surgery discomfort
  • Quickly soothes painful, inflamed haemorrhoids or pain from haemorrhoid surgery
  • Absorbs up to 280 ml of fluid for protection and peace of mind
  • Convenient hospital bag and bathroom storage - no refrigerator or freezer required

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    • Tips from a Midwife

      Lucy's Tip

      Applying the cooling pad to your perineum assists with inflammation and healing.

    • Rachel Midwife Tip

      Rachel's Tip

      Your blood loss (lochia) volume reduced as your uterus returns to normal size in the weeks following the baby's birth.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you need cooling pads after giving birth?

    Cooling pads provide instant relief from postpartum discomfort, such as perineum pain, swelling, and inflammation. They help soothe the sensitive areas affected by childbirth, making the recovery period more comfortable.

    What are cooling pads for pregnancy?

    Cooling pads for pregnancy, like the Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad, are designed to provide immediate cold relief for pain and discomfort associated with childbirth, perineal tears, episiotomies, and haemorrhoids. They offer soothing comfort without the need for refrigeration.

    How many cooling pads do I need postpartum?

    The number of cooling pads you'll need postpartum can vary, but having a supply in the first two days of at least 10 pads (2 boxes) is recommended. This ensures you have enough for regular use during the initial days of recovery when discomfort is most acute.

    Can you use cooling pads when pregnant?

    Cooling pads are primarily designed for postpartum use to alleviate discomfort after childbirth. However, if you experience severe haemorrhoids or other conditions during pregnancy, consult your healthcare provider to determine if using a cooling pad is appropriate.

    How do you use a maternity cooling pad?

    To use the Soothing Instant Cooling Maternity Pad by Midwives Own Brand:

    1. Activate the pad by following the instructions on the package, usually by folding or squeezing to trigger the cooling mechanism.
    2. Apply the pad to the affected area, ensuring it is securely positioned for maximum comfort and absorption.
    3. Leave the pad in place for up to 30 minutes to enjoy instant soothing relief.
    4. Dispose of the pad after use.

    These pads can absorb up to 280 ml of fluid, providing both cooling relief and protection from postpartum bleeding. Keep them in your hospital bag or bathroom for easy access whenever you need relief.