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Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Postpartum Disposable Underwear

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Give yourself the gift of comfort and convenience during the postpartum period. Our Disposable Maternity/Postpartum Underwear is thoughtfully designed for new mums, with an ultra-stretchy fit that accommodates your changing body through the first 6 weeks.

The super soft, seamless microfiber material is breathable and latex-free, keeping you dry without irritating your sensitive skin. Unlike the flimsy, fishnet hospital underwear, the boy brief cut offers full coverage while holding the Midwives Own Brand instant cold pads securely in place without uncomfortable squeezing or pulling. Simply toss after use for no-fuss care during your recovery.

Post Partum Disposable Underwear helps make the postpartum period more comfortable. Available in sizes L (size 10-12) XL (size 14-16) to fit your changing shape perfectly.

Looking for other postpartum essentials, checkout our Re-useable Breastfeeding Heat/Cold Pack.

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  • Rachel Midwife Tip

    Rachel's Tip

    Use the our soothing instant cooling pads with the disposable maternity undies for ultimate comfort post baby either on your perineum or on the c-section scar

  • Tips from a Midwife

    Lucy's Tip

    The boy leg design provides ultra comfort to your body as it's recovering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need disposable postpartum underwear?

Yes, disposable postpartum underwear can be very helpful during the postpartum period. They provide comfort, convenience, and hygiene, accommodating postpartum bleeding and discharge while reducing the need for frequent laundry. If you are still in the pregnancy stage, check out our pregnancy essentials.

How long should I wear disposable underwear after birth?

You can wear disposable postpartum underwear for the first 6 weeks after birth, or until postpartum bleeding and discharge subside. The Midwives Own Brand underwear is designed to fit your changing body during this recovery period. If you have just had a baby, check out our Newborn collection.

What type of underwear is best for postpartum?

The best postpartum underwear is comfortable, breathable, and provides full coverage. The Midwives Own Brand Disposable Maternity/Post-Partum Underwear is made from super soft, seamless microfiber material, offering an ultra-stretchy fit that holds pads securely in place without causing irritation.

Should I use diapers or disposable underwear postpartum?

While both options can be used, disposable postpartum underwear is often preferred for its comfort and full coverage. It securely holds pads in place and is easy to dispose of, making it more convenient than diapers.

How many pairs of disposable underwear do I need postpartum?

It’s recommended to have at least 2-3 pairs of disposable postpartum underwear per day for the first week, and 1-2 pairs per day thereafter. Having a pack of 20-30 pairs should be sufficient for the initial postpartum period.

Should I bring disposable underwear to the hospital?

Yes, bringing disposable postpartum underwear to the hospital is a good idea. Hospitals do not provide disposable underwear, so it is best to bring your own postpartum panties.

How long does postpartum bleeding last?

Postpartum bleeding, also known as lochia, typically lasts for about 4-6 weeks. The flow is heaviest in the first few days after birth and gradually decreases. Using disposable postpartum underwear can help manage the bleeding comfortably during this period.