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2-in-1 Electronic Lactation Breast Massager

2-in-1 Electronic Lactation Breast Massager

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Say goodbye to lumps and clogged ducts! The innovative heating and vibration settings on the Midwives Own Lactation Massager help to relax breast tissues and stimulate milk production. The medical grade silicone gently glides over skin, while unique shape targets problem areas.  

  • Medical grade silicone construction with waterproof design
  • Heat function with 3 temperature levels to improve milk flow
  • 10 vibration frequencies to gentle to intense massage
  • Unique shape reaches blocked ducts
  • USB rechargeable for 1 hour of use per charge
  • Soft, silky feel on skin & BPA free

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  • Rachel Midwife Tip

    Rachel's Tip

    Before you use the massager, apply the MOB Breastfeeding Heat pack to encourage milk flow.

  • Tips from a Midwife

    Lucy's Tip

    To remove stubborn lumps, use the warm setting on the lactation massager and move the lump towards the nipple as your baby breastfeeds or you express.

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