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Breastfeeding Kit

Breastfeeding Kit

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Introducing our comprehensive Midwives Own Brand Breastfeeding Kit, thoughtfully curated to support and enhance the breastfeeding journey for new mothers. With a focus on convenience and well-being, this kit is an essential companion for mothers seeking a seamless and nurturing breastfeeding experience.

This all-in-one kit includes:

  • Colostrum collectors to gather liquid gold in the first few days
  • Silver nipple covers designed for natural healing and protection 
  • A BPA-free and hands free breast pump for efficient milk expression
  • Soothing reusable breast heat/cold pack
  • 2-in 1 lactation massager for stubborn breast lumps

Looking for another kit, but more specific to pregnancy related products, check out our Birthing Essentials Kit.

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  • Tips from a Midwife

    Lucy's Tip

    The MOB breastfeeding kit has been carefully curated with all your breastfeeding essentials. Use the colostrum collectors to antenatally express and store ready for baby's birth.

  • Rachel Midwife Tip

    Rachel's Tip

    This kit solves all your breastfeeding needs and is perfect for the first few weeks post-birth!

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