Benefits of Breast Compression

Benefits of Breast Compression


  • Releases breastmilk in your breast for your baby

  • Continues flow of breastmilk when baby is no longer sucking effectively and swallowing milk

  • Useful in situations for both mother and baby


  • Sore nipples

  • To build breast milk supply

  • Assist with recurrent blocked ducts or mastitis


  • Frequent & or long feeds with poor weight gain

  • Unwell or premature baby

  • Low muscle tone

Breast compression is used while baby is sucking but no longer swallowing milk- Remember to compress as baby sucks:

  • Ensure baby is latched well

  • Hold breast away from the nipple, wrapping your hand around your breast with your thumb on the upper side of your breast

  • When your baby is no longer sucking deep and rhythmically, squeeze & compress your breast gently ensuring you are squeezing deep in the breast away from the nipple

  • With the compression, baby should start swallowing milk again

  • Keep the pressure until baby stops sucking & swallowing

  • Release the pressure of your hand on the breast

  • Baby may stop sucking when you release the pressure but will start once milk starts to flow

  • If baby stops sucking for several minutes, try breast compression again

  • Allow baby to come off when no longer sucking with breast compression

  • Repeat on the other breast

As breastfeeding or supply improves, compression may not be necessary

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